are you ready to discover
what you really need to succeed?

Creative Discovery

We go through a research and development process called "Discovery" 

Together, we focus on what your business is about, then create a strategy for communicating your business to your target audience.

Lets CREATE a working relationship together
to serve your business and your customers

We look at what you do, how you do it,
what you need to communicate,
what your services or products are,
who your customers/audience are,
what problems or pains they have, and importantly
what solutions you provide. 

Discover information about your market, 
what your competitors do, and how they do it,
how you appear in search results online and your competitors appear, and what traffic you and they get.

We research your current online presence,
and your competitor's, so we know what it will take to be present and visible online to your customers or audience.
Then, we get to work on your website together, with insight into your business so we can create content text, images, videos etc which is relevant and targeted.

Guide you for your social media and marketing knowing what it will need to deliver to create success for you and your business.

Your business website can provide good ROI
(Return on Investment)
if you Create it well.


Web Design Weekend Workshop in Brighton

Create a website for yourself

that's a double saving!
expensive set up fees
or update fees.

Learn how to create a website.
This course will give you a basic introduction to create a simple website for yourself, and the opportunity to learn the skills to edit and update your website in the future. 

Create a website to communicate to your audience or sell your services. Enjoy the process of creating a website which people enjoy and can find on Search Engine's! (Google etc). 

When ? Saturday 27 & Sunday 28 January 2018

This course is for you

If you want to create a website yourself 
and don't have £1000's to pay somebody to do it for you! (though if you do, I can help you with that if you prefer someone else to do the work!)

If you have been wanting to make a website for yourself for ages and never got around to it

I will help you through the maze
to create your website

If you have tried other website creation systems and given up (for example wordpress, squarespace, weebly or others)

Wix is a user friendly system, 
which i have taught to over 75 people.
You can read testimonials further down.

A few people who have previously attended may join us to continue their learning

Create a professional looking website using Wix software

You will learn how to :

Add Images 
- Crop, Style, edit, prepare for web use

Add Galleries / Slideshows - 
variety of styles available

Add Audio - (short sound clips or larger clips hosted via Soundcloud or other services)

Add Video 
(short clips, or larger clips hosted via Youtube or Vimeo)

Select a theme/template 
(or blank one) & personalise it

Select Backgrounds
- colours/images or video 

Add /Edit Text 
- Titles, Subtitles, change font styles and sizes

Add Buttons 
create 'call to actions' to your info

Add Paypal 
(set up payment for items, services, courses etc)


Receive an overall introduction to and more advanced possibilities it offers

(e-commerce, mailing systems, invoicing systems and various business applications) - these can be covered more fully in follow on 'one to one', or small 'group sessions', or a future course if desired, (please note this weekend is an introduction course, other levels may follow if there is interest).

Essential Learning

Learn what you need to say on your website to encourage people to take action, to commit to what you do, so you can communicate effectively to your audience, or sell online.

Select a domain name 

  • Set up hosting 
    (There are a few options for hosting in depending on what services you need hosting varies, e.g
    £2.55pcm - basic hosting and domain connection to publish your website
    £5.16pcm - (includes free domain name & google adwords worth £50),
    £7.50pcm or £10pcm - (for full online stores) and advanced features
    see more info here

An introduction to basic SEO 
(Search Engine Optimisation)

  • How to create your website pages in a way which optimises your pages to be found in Google and other Search Engines.

  • Research Keywords for your specific market /target audience, and where to place them in your website.

Schedule Saturday 27 & Sunday 28 JANUARY 2018

Sunday 10.00 – 4.30pm

10am -11am Brighton Library IT SUITE (level 2)- Meeting, tuition and planning
11am -1pm Creating your website
1pm-2pm Lunch
2pm-4.30pm Continue website creation 

Saturday 9.00am– 4.30pm

9.00-9.15 Arrive at Central location in town
9.15am -10.00/10.15am Meeting /Intro
10.00/10.15 Walk to Brighton Library Cafe
10.30am Brighton Library IT Suite (Level 2) - Start creating your website
1.00pm Lunch
2pm-4.30pm Continue website creation

On both days we will meet before accessing the IT Suite.
Morning & Afternoon sessions include a break, and moments of mindfulness and focusing. 

Schedule may be subject to changes depending on the venue, but you would be notified in advance.

Where ?

Brighton Jubilee Library

I.T SUITE Level 2
Brighton Jubilee Library
Jubilee St,

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1 km 


The Main Venue: Brighton Jubilee Library: I.T Suite

The room has good lighting and windows for natural lighting, it is possible to bring your laptop if you prefer to use your own.

The building has free wifi access, a good cafe, and is in central Brighton, close to many good restaurants and cafes for lunch/dinner, and close to B & B's if staying overnight, with easy access to buses and trains (5-10mins walk).

Brighton Jubilee Library



The Learning environment

The course will be in conducted as a positive group learning environment, with opportunities for individual tuition, as well as sharing and learning from each other's process and development, to increase your range of knowledge and experience for future use.

Note: I recognise that creating a website can bring up self doubt, anxiety, fear, feelings of inability and inadequacy, and lack of self worth or confidence for some people.

Therefore I create an atmosphere of awareness, acceptance and encouragement during the process of guiding you to create a website which communicates your uniqueness in a way to help you stand out amongst the crowd and be proud of who you are and what you do.

It will be an intensive and immersive experience, its a short period of time to create a website. So it will require focus, concentration and commitment to stay on track. 

We will break it up with tea breaks, lunch breaks, and moments for mindfulness, and embodied learning, so we can manage how we respond to the process of creating an online profile for ourselves and what we offer to the world. 

There is a limit of 10 people to ensure maximum attention to you!

Testimonials : What do previous participants say?

"The course was a great introduction to web design, with Ady creating a friendly and inspiring environment in which to learn. The subject matter was broken down into easy to handle sessions allowing time to let the information sink in and time to explore the format of the website... a brilliant course!"    George Hinchliffe

"The course was everything I needed. It was clear, informative, well paced and well planned. Ady created a warm supportive and welcoming environment. I am now confident that I can move forward with my website."  Fiona Winter

"Ady approached my complete lack of confidence with calm, humour and plain English. I took baby steps on the course, as we weren't expected to have everything completed by Sunday night. Very useful for someone who doesn't know where to start and finds the usual computer nerdspeak mystifying! " MG

"The introduction course to Wix led by Ady was really helpful, Ady is a very calm and patient teacher. Giving enough time in the sessions to work on your own and then he would show us how to do stuff. It's a very reasonable price and you really get your money's worth. I will definitely recommend you to anybody who is looking to make a website. Thank you."  Kitty Wallace

"Ady's weekend website design course is an excellent introduction into building a site from scratch using WIX. He has a calm and relaxed style delivery style and is very knowledgeable. We covered a lot of ground during the weekend without it feeling rushed." Bridgette S

"I had the pleasure of attending a website design course run by Ady, this was an ideal way to learn.

The course was broken down into bite size chunks, showing us how to design our pages, SEO and publishing, we were encouraged to play with the settings, add extra content etc.

Ady was so considerate of the various levels of computer skills in the class and took the time to help those that struggled a bit.

It didn’t take me very long to get the hang of it and I’ve had my own website for just about a year now. I’ve also designed my brother’s website for his electrical business. This has been a real boost to my self-esteem and I’ve been able to publish my thoughts and feelings in a very personal way.

People are really starting to take notice of my artwork now, I am so happy I made the choice to attend this course.
Thank you Ady."   

Mik Strevens Digital Artist/Photographer 

"Ady has been supporting my ideas and developing a website for my artistic project 'machine women'. 

He has worked closely with me throughout the process, teaching me as we go, so that I am able to update and continue developing my site. 

He really cares about the projects that he takes on, and approaches the tasks in a holistic and creative way.

He continually suggested new ideas and ways of working to make a bold, stand out website.

Many Thanks Ady."  

Luan Taylor - Machine WomenArtist/Performer/Director

Ady has helped me to create a website that I really like, am proud of and one that clearly defines who I am and the work I do.

In addition, he is very skilled and knowledgeable about google, and my webpage is already quite high after only recently being published.

Ady took time to understand the work I do, helped found images for my site and created video's that clearly represent who I am and my business. He was patient with me - a complete technophobe - yet able to gently push me so the site could be completed.

I would highly recommend Ady to anyone, in any business, who wants to have a site they can be proud of and one that gets them traffic.

Azmin Rehemtulla  
Art Therapist/Counsellor

You are unique Let me help you create your unique online presence 

Ady Griffiths (Vidyadasa)
Web designer, trainer,
Yoga and Embodiment Instructor 

About your web design trainer
Ady Griffiths (Vidyadasa) has been designing websites for, and with individuals and organisations for 10 years + and regularly leads courses in web design.

He also gives personal tuition and helps people develop their online presence in a skilful, honest and ethical way.

Contact Ady with enquiries here

07870 696942



Book before Dec 21st and receive £50 off.
(£250 becomes £200)
(£200 becomes £150)
(£150 becomes £100)

How do you book?

I am offering a special way of pricing on this course,
a 3 tiered pricing system to make it affordable.

£250 - full price
£200 - for people on lower wage
£150 - for people with low ability to pay
(sorry, just 3 concessionary spaces - i have a child to feed!)

Concessionary spaces will be given to people that need it most, please contact me to discuss your eligibility before booking. If you need to pay in 2 instalments that can be arranged separately.

Please pay what you are realistically able to afford,
bearing in mind even a simple website is often £500-£1000,
and you wouldn't know how to add or edit content in the future.

So what do you get?
Knowledge, experience and understanding, a community learning experience, reductions on future courses and tuition.

How do i book?
Pay in full in advance, or a non refundable deposit of £50 is required to book your place, payment can be made below via STRIPE (its like paypal), or you can set up BACS, bank transfer, or pay by card over phone/in person or cash. (A receipt will be provided). Your place is only reserved when payment is received.



Brighton Web Design Weekend 27 Jan + 28 Jan 2018. Full Price.

200.00 250.00

Full Price





Brighton Web Design Weekend 27 Jan + 28 Jan 2018. Medium Price.

150.00 200.00

Medium Price suitable for people who aren't working full time or unable to pay full price but not on low income/benefits. Note there are only 3 spaces available for this price please contact me to discuss suitability /availability in advance of payment. Thank you.




Brighton Web Design Weekend 27 Jan + 28 Jan 2018. Concessionary Price

100.00 150.00

Concession Price. Note there are only 3 spaces available at concessionary rate, suitable for people on low income/benefits etc. Please contact me before booking to check your suitability and availability of spaces. Thank you.




Brighton Web Design Weekend 27 Jan + 28 Jan 2018 : DEPOSIT


Pay a deposit now, full payment is required by Jan12th
Future payment info will be emailed after booking.

What you will need to bring:

An open attitude to learning, an 'I can' or 'i will try' attitude and commitment to engage for the weekend.

Images you would like to use. Please bring

  • A head and shoulder image of yourself, or of you related to your service/offer -e.g if you are an artist an image of you painting/creating

  • Images about your service/offer to the world
    e.g Single or multiple images to create gallery/ies

Autobiographical text (between 100-500 words) about yourself which communicates your history and experience in your area

Text about your offer/services (100-300 words per service)

Location/addresses, and telephone number

Login details for any social media/audio/video hosting accounts you wish to include.

In the two weeks before the course i will provide further guidance after booking.

If you are unable to create text or images before the course I can still show you how to use the software, and you can create some text, and use image library images to start you off on the weekend.


Computers will be provided (PCs) though you are welcome to bring your own laptop (Mac or PC)
A notebook/or computer note system /app (e.g Word, Pages, Evernote, 1note, Notes)


Please book in advance to allow yourself to prepare effectively for the course. Full payment must be received 14 days in advance, or your place may be offered to another person. Your deposit is non -refundable but may be useable for another course.

Please do not pre-purchase your domain name in advance as it complicates the process, if you already have bought a web domain and email address you wish to use please let me know at time of booking, and i can help you, thank you.

Web Design Course Contents

The course does not include : 

Web hosting (payment for a years hosting) - because there are different options available depending on the website functionality you require. Approximate costs: £6/£8/£10pcm.
These can be paid monthly or yearly and set up on the weekend or I can guide you in the future.
Note pls bring a Debit/credit card on the weekend to set up your hosting. 


Please note this course is intended is an introduction to create a website, you will get the most out of if you prepare information in advance.

People learn at different paces and have different technical skills and abilities and different ways of learning, therefore ; 

Some people will create an initial version of their website and publish it online during the weekend, some people prefer to take longer and develop it over time and publish it at a later date, both are fine by me, either way you will learn the appropriate information to do create and edit.

(Some people find particular technical aspects difficult so i can give personal assistance at a later date,  (I offer reduced hourly rate sessions for web design course participants).

Please note: this course is not suitable for an advanced business website with 15+ pages, advanced and detailed multiple keyword search engine optimisation, calendar systems, booking systems, - these all require more time than a weekend.

Though the weekend can serve as an introduction base to add to and develop these aspects as your skills and budget allows, and I will show you some of these possibilities for future web design trainings.

If you require an advanced business website, or longer and more in depth training or more assistance please contact me directly to arrange a unique personalised service, locally in South East England, nationally (U.K), or Internationally.

Contact Ady : 07870 696942