How do I place an order?

​Our websites are five pages (plus a bonus which you'll find out about after you order) for £499, delivered in around 2-4 weeks from you filling in our web brief (don't worry it's not as scary as it sounds, just an email that helps you think about what you want and need your site to look like and do)​​.

What information will you need from me?

When you place your order you will be asked to complete a briefing document helping us understand what you are after, plus giving us details of any information you already have in the world, like a Facebook site, business cards or leaflets. In addition to this we'll ask you some easy questions about what you want your site to look and feel like, and whether there are already any sites out there that inspire you and which you'd like to draw on and any other details about what you'd like your business to stand for.


£499 is our fee for building you your site and releasing it to you for you to have the full details and management capability of FOREVER! Pay us by Paypal or credit card using our secure links. We will soon be installing STRIPE payment facilities which are the newest kid on the block with regard to online payments - the new ''PayPal''. If you visit our office you can pay directly with our card reader.

How do we build your site?

There is no smoke and mirrors here - if you wanted to spend the time and energy learning how to create your own website on this package you could do it yourself - it would just take time patience and energy. What I bring to the party is 20 years of branding and copywriting expertise and 8 years of working with www.wix.com so I can do it quickly and get you to a finished, polished place at a great price. I also know the questions you need to answer up front to get yourself the website you deserve that creates the client response you want.

If you don't want us to build it for you, but want to learn how to do it yourself, the Cherrysites way, you're welcome to join us on one of our Cherrysites trainings which happen every three months in Brighton.

Branding/Business Naming

Some people come to us with complete branding including a brand name, visual identity and tagline, some with an idea of a brandname, but no logo, some with an idea of an image or colours etc. If you need us to help you create a brand for you we do this for around £100. This has become such a big part of what clients want from us that we're now offering a Cherrybrands part of the site.

Are there any ongoing costs?

Yes. Once you create any website you will immediately incur hosting fees - fees for the space your website takes up on somebody's server.

The costs with www.wix.com are around £5.00 a month to host a cherrysites site and around £2.00 a month for a domain specific email account (eg. helena@cherrysites.com rather than helena@hotmail.com).

Your domain name can cost anything from a couple of pounds to several thousand! If you already own a domain name, we will connect it to your site, if not we will buy it together when we put your site live.

If you want to add other functionality like Search Engine Optimisation, online store etc. there are additional small monthly costs which are covered in more detail in our briefing document.

There are also further added value web design packages that we do which are more expensive and tend to be discussed personally with clients buying our top end package.

Ongoing Management

So, what are your options once your site is up and running? We will happily update your site for you monthly or three monthly if you need that. We are also happy to discuss SEO with you. Alternatively, we run regular one day training courses where you can learn to update it (and do lots of other useful bits and bobs) yourself for only £75. 

Secure Ordering & Payment Options

We take a payment of three quarters of the total payment up front and the balance on

site completion.

What if I don't like my site?

If you don't like your site, then we've got something wrong! It occasionally

happens but don't worry we've never left anyone with a site they hate! We are really

precise at the briefing stage to ensure we complete more than 90% of sites within

the original £499 budget