Cherry Insight

Cherry Insights was born out of clients with existing brands wanting to understand more about their existing client bases before they moved forward and invested additional resources in branding and marketing.

If your business has been up and running for while is is a good idea to take stock and look at what social and financial equity you have built in the way you are already communicating before changing things radically.

Of course, the way to understand why people buy your services and not someone else is by asking them.

Cherry Insight can support with this by offering focus groups with existing or competitor's clients, or by using freeware tools to undertake online surveys, having worked with you on the key questions you have in your business.

Time is charged at £75 per hour and the average online survey takes around 6 hours to draft, agree with you as the client and turnaround with clients, creating it online, sending it to your database and aggregate results.

Market research groups can be undertaken as depth interviews with individuals, pairs discussions, or focus groups of between 8-12 individuals. Costs of this depend largely on who you wish to research (it is very quick and easy to arrange research with clients who re already customers and like you, more costly and time consuming to find people 'off the street' who represent the type of user you would like to target with your goods or services) venue cost and whether you as the client wish to view in a formal viewing facility or whether you are happy to watch video footage after the research is complete.

When undertaking focus group research we sometimes partner with xxxxx and voluntarily abide with the MRS code of conduct (although we are not formal members as I am not primarily a market researcher).