Popping my web cherry!

Cherry Sites first web designs were for friends and family way back in 2013. A retreat centre in Guatemala. A transactional site for a small theatre group in Essex. A personal site for my sister. A fundraising site for a friend. A revamped site for a Transition town group. A singing coach in Vancouver. A jewellery designer in Cork, Ireland. At the time it was an adjunct to my 'proper job' in corporate marketing.

It took until this year for me to have the idea of turning it into a ''proper'' business and targeting it at people who have a small business and a great Facebook page but no website. hence the idea of a business which helps small entrepreneurs take the next step was born. And it seems to have hit the mark. I almost hadn't realised how much I'd learned over the hours I'd spent creating all these sites! But combined with my 20 years of International marketing experience I realised it gave me a unique opportunity to offer something of real value, at a great price.

At the moment I'm so busy I'm in the process of recruiting digital design students from Sussex Downs and Sussex Uni to help me grow and keep up with demand. What a nice problem to have!

Longer term I'm hoping that Cherrysites will help lots of small entrepreneurs get the benefit of a professionally designed site at a reasonable cost, that lots of students will be able to have a well paid job to help pay their way through university (which, without wanting to get political has become more of a challenge in the last few years). I am eternally grateful I didn't start my working life with thousands of pounds of debt - something I would like to help a few other students do, if possible.

In turn, they will be helping me build a scalable business which fist around the life I would like to have with my family and benefitting from my twenty years of International brand insight, knowledge and experie

nce. As far as I can see, that makes everyone a winner.

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