Does exactly what it says on the tin

I've said it before and I'll say it again - there is no smoke and mirrors with what we do building our sites. We just do it quicker, with more technological savvyniess and with a slightly keener eye for branding than the average Jo (nice non gender-specific name choice there).

But anyone can do it. Here is how to build your own site on Wix with all the programs tips and tricks we use. We can just do it really quickly and give you a site that ends up looking really nice - so it's our knowhow and experience you're paying for!

1. Wix Template

Create a Wix login on Then pick a template. These come in over 500 types.

It helps to know what functionality you want from your site and also what structure of pages, otherwise you'll spend longer undoing the things you don't like about a template rather than benefiting from the things you do like about it. Then create the overall colour scheme of the site - the colours you want to apply to that template - Wix lets you choose from a number and you can pick one that works one with a logo you already have or colours that you'd like to use for a logo if you don't already have one.

3. Logo

Either ensure that the one you have is high resolution (ideally in .eps format - a file format when it doesn't matter how big you use it) at the largest size you want to have it on the site.

If you don't have a logo you can create one in either, or draw one yourself and get somebody to create the graphic file format for you on At Cerise Petal we obviously have access to photoshop, and to people who use it well, but we also sometimes use apps called Logo Foundry, LogoMaker and Logoscopic Foundry, depending on client's needs. When we're briefed we just know where to go for which type of logo to get you a great logo quickly.

4. Images

Compress your own pictures that don't need to be big so that they don't need to take forever to load and take up unnecessary space on. We use a freeware package called Alternatively Wix has a big stock of great high quality stockshots available for free, or you can go to one of the big photoproviders like www.shutterstock or These often have free month trials or first ten images free deals so watch out for them. If you are having photos taken, make sure you tell your photographer whet they're for and how big you'll need to use them to make sure they give you the right file types.

5. Text

You can write your own text or 'borrow' from other people's sites and then get somebody who's good at writing to use it as the basis for what you want to say. Some people find this easier than starting from scratch, some people find it more difficult. We recommend that to engage with people and foster authentic connection you include the story of how you got to where you are and why you love doing what you do as well as what makes you unique (we all are).

6. Put it all together and.....

You have a site! Then you just have to decide which of the different hosting packages best suits you, whether you want to add any other functionality or web addresses, how fast you want your site connection to run and whether you want any other elements - like online booking, taking payment online, or selling products or services in a 'shop'. We have a £499 package that includes setting up all these, plus a logo design and business cards - please call us to discuss if you are interested.

So that's the HOW - now what about the WHY? Why are you building that site in the first place?

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