Cherry Sites offers a £499 package for small businesses wanting to get their business out there into the world quickly and professionally, and at a great value price.
Because of the great value that we offer, we have 2 very clear ways of working which, by virtue of our experience in working with clients seem to suit different kinds of people.
Route 1
a. Receive written brief, copy, images and any guidelines to branding you wish to share with us
b. Follow up with a phone/skype/facetime call and agree functionality
c. Agree to move forward and take payment
d. Create first cut website and return to you
e. Call/meet to take amends
f. Make final amends
g. Call/meet to sign off, connect to your domain name and email address, handover and put site live 
This route tends to work best for business owners who are clear on their brand and message and happy to leave us to it to us to create a site that we know is solid in branding and design terms and will work to drive their business.
Route 2
a. As above
b. As above
c. Agree to move forward and take payment
b. Meet for two half day sessions (in Brighton) to literally input all information, images and discuss 'live' the creation of the site. We sign the site off and set it live at the end of this second meeting.
This route tends to work best for business owners who are strong on design themselves and like to be 'on hand'
We like to think that we bend over backwards to make your amazing website happen within the budget we agree, however we have to be firm that if you suddenly decide late in the design process you want something fundamentally different from the brief we received then we will take a rebrief and charge you an additional £75 per hour to make the changes you request. We will always talk through with you the differences and is one of the reasons we like to get as clear with you as possible up front on your requirements - to make your budget stretch a long way for your £500!
Contractual Details

1. The expression “the Supplier” means ["Cherry Sites”]. The expression “the Buyer” means the person, firm, company or entity purchasing goods or services from the Supplier.


2. The Supplier contracts on these conditions only, and acceptance by the Supplier of any order from a Buyer will be deemed an acceptance of these Terms and Conditions by the Buyer. No Terms and Conditions other than those set forth herein or any variation thereof under Condition 20 shall be binding upon the Supplier or the Buyer unless provided in writing and signed by or on behalf of both the Supplier and the Buyer.

3. Balance of payment is due within 10 days of the date of invoice (unless otherwise specified by the Supplier).

4. In accordance with the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998, as amended and supplemented by the Late Payment of Commercial Debts Regulations 2002 (EC Directive), the right is reserved to charge interest at 8% above the late payment period reference interest rate based on the relevant Bank of England base rate on all amounts outstanding for more than 30 days (the Credit Period) from the Tax Date indicated on the invoice; and further to make a statutory compensatory charge on late payments, as follows: for amounts below £1,000 a charge of £40; for amounts between £1,000 and £10,000 a charge of £70; and for amounts above £10,000 a charge of £100. Such charges may be applied and added to the debt. Details of these charges can be found at the DTI’s website:

5: The right is reserved to levy a minimum charge of £10 for each written reminder or statement produced and sent after the Credit Period.

6: Credit facilities and the supply of any future services may be withdrawn in the event of a breach of these Terms and Conditions.

7: Fees are set at the time of booking. Any further changes will be billed at the advertised hourly rate.

8:All photography, graphic assets and copy are provided as CLEARED TO USE unless otherwise stated. All CLEARED TO USE materials are chargeable at the Supplier’s normal rate unless an agreement has been reached prior to delivery of the audio. Client-made changes after recording may incur a charge unless included in the original fee and agreed in advance. No charge is  made for re-working to correct errors (eg. mis-spelling) made by the Supplier.

9: For work carried out after the hour of 6pm and at any time during Saturday and Sunday or on a bank holiday in the UK, the Supplier reserves the right to charge an out of hours supplement. Any such charge will be notified to the Buyer in advance.

10: If the Buyer cancels any contract giving the Supplier less than twenty-four hours notice, the Supplier reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee of 100% of the fees payable under the terms of the contract.

11: Copyright in all written and/or audible work created by the Supplier remains the property of the Supplier, unless the Buyer and Supplier have agreed otherwise by way of written contract.

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14: Prices are quoted net of Value Added Tax (if applicable and unless specifically indicated otherwise) which will be payable at the appropriate rate.


15: In the event of any failure by the Buyer to comply with these Terms and Conditions, the Supplier may terminate immediately any licence to the buyer to use or derive value from the Supplier’s work.


16: If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is held by any Court or competent authority as invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part the validity of the remainder of these Terms and Conditions and of the remainder of the provisions in question shall not be affected.


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118: These Terms and Conditions may be varied from time to time and will be communicated in writing.