Cherry Training

Cherry Training fulfills my passion to empower people to be their own marketing gurus.

So, as well as building websites and online marketing campaigns (and designing the odd brand!) I enjoy showing people how to build those skills for themselves.

In the increasingly digital world, if you are learning orientated and have the desire to be able to 'do it yourself' there really is no reason any more why you can't.

I run trainings every few months on

1. Build your own website in a weekend (in a small group (no more than 6) we do together what I usually do myself for clients, giving you the skills to edit and manipulate your website more effectively in future)

2. Be your own Social Media guru (including blogging and SEO)

3. From Blogging to Vlogging - conquer your fears about facing the camera

4. Be your own Brand guru (including how to do your own design work on free online graphics packages)

5. Be your own PR guru (on and offline, press release writing and distribution)

6. Podcasts like a Pro

If you would like more information on any of these then please use our contact form to get in touch